Construct premium buildings that meet industrial requirements

SOGEA MAROC started the industrial civil engineering activity in 2000. Our reputation has increased over the years and it benefits today from significant experiences.

We built nearly 90% of Moroccan cement plants

Our industrial engineering company covers different areas, including: construction of cement plants, wind farms, steel mills, phosphoric acid plants and even thermoelectric power plants. Among our major projects: Lafarge Holcim cement plant in Tétouan, the Daewoo Thermoelectric power plant in Safi (the largest plant in Morocco), the ODI chemical production plant for Office Cherifien des Phosphates (OCP) in Jorf Lasfar, and the MAN power station, in Laâyoune.

constructing production plants, business units, silos, agricultural hangars, warehouses or industrial premises is our main focus. Our company unites engineering expertise and multiple innovative technologies to execute the most diverse and complex projects.

Our Business areas

  • Cement plants (silos, pre-heater tour, crushers, jaw crushers, hopper, conveyor belt, linear halls, clinkers, power hall , tank farms)
  • Electric steel mills (cooling towers, furnaces, wind farms)
  • Ammonia transfer and storage plants
  • Phosphoric acid production plants
  • Thermoelectric plants
  • Thermal plants (engines, storage tanks, storage and discharge of water)
  • OCP industrial facilities (Fertilizer storage facilities, phosphoric acid workshops and fertilizer production, electrical substation, reactor, filters)
  • Wind farms
  • Harbor docks (infrastructure)
  • Logistics hubs

Our main assets

  • Safety commitment (two APC safety awards)
  • An integrated technical engineering department
  • Strict compliance with commitments related to cost, quality and delivery time
  • Construction proficiency in design and execution
  • Providing innovative technical solutions for customers (Winner of the 2013 VINCI innovation prize
  • Accumulation of technical and financial expertise
  • “OCP Success Story” for design and construction of storage halls in 2012