100 years of expertise in Hydraulic engineering thanks to our pipe and canals production plant and our highly qualified teams.

SOGEA MAROC, a long-standing player in the Moroccan hydraulic industry, is the benchmark company in executing key projects in Morocco. Our “hydraulic engineering” business area extends all the way from water withdrawal, treatment, transfer, storage, distribution, collection and treatment of wastewater, to water discharge as well as detection and repair of leaks.

The SBK Plant, our production unit of concrete pipes and fittings

SOGEA MAROC has its own concrete pipes and fittings production plant since 1931. Located in Sidi Bouknadel municipality, in the Wilaya of Rabat, our production plant has been equipped with cutting-edge and advanced equipment such as cage welding machine for production of reinforcement, a flame cutting machine, an Elkon concrete plant, gantry crane, as well as metal fabrication shop of a 25,000 sqm.

We produce a full range of concrete pipes and other steel fittings in SBK; ranging from Reinforced Concrete Spun Pipe, SOGEA Concrete Cylinder Pipe (ATS), jacking pipe and canals, to steel components and fittings. Using such equipment, we carry out quality projects in irrigation, supply and distribution of drinking water as well as sanitation.

Proven expertise in canalizations

Our expertise in hydraulic engineering includes both producing and installing concrete pipes. We install all types of pipes of all diameters, in the field of drinking water supply and distribution, irrigation canals, as well as sanitation.

Our company built thousands of kilometers of drinking water supply pipes. These pipes are used to supply water to all major Moroccan cities. 1000 ha of land is also irrigated by our canals.

Water treatment plants in all Morocco

Our “Hydraulic Engineering” activity has been expanding over the years. In 1988, our company expanded its services by launching water treatment plants and related civil engineering. Since then, we have built nearly forty drinking water treatment plants, three desalination plants and a dozen water pumping stations.

In addition to drinking water treatment plants, our company built around twenty potable water tanks of a large-capacity up to 40,000 m³.

SOGEA MAROC has also built ten wastewater treatment plants. Located in big Moroccan cities, our treatment units collect water discharged and purify it before discharging it into nature or reusing it for irrigating golf clubs for example (as in Marrakech). We are thus contributing to the improvement and development of Morocco.

Our expertise in construction of hydraulic engineering structures ensures construction of sustainable infrastructure. In urban as well as in rural areas, we intervene sustainably through water supply projects related to drinking water, sanitation and irrigation.

Business areas

  • Creation of water intakes in lakes or dams
  • Construction and renovation of drinking water, irrigation, wastewater, rainwater or industrial waste networks.
  • Construction and renovation of drinking water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Construction of booster pump stations
  • Construction of seawater desalination plants.


  • Drinking water supply
  • Irrigation
  • Sanitation
  • Industrial water
  • Leak detection and repair.

Water treatment

  • Drinking water treatment plants
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Pumping stations
  • Massive tanks of freshwater

Our main references

  • SIDII BERNOUSSI Wastewater pretreatment plant (11 m3/s)
  • Marrakech Sledge removal plant (3,5 m3/s)
  • Marrakech Wastewater Treatment Plant (1,05m3/s)
  • Tanger Med drinking water treatment plant (300 l/s)
  • ZENATA Pumping station (3m3/s)
  • Drinking water Supply: Bouregreg Pipes DN 2000, BR3 DN 2000
  • Industrial water: REM 3 OCP concrete cylinder DN 2500 et REM4 OCP DN 2500 and DN 3000
  • Irrigation : Supply SAISS DN 3200

SBK Plant

The production of prestressed concrete pipes is a complicated task; however, it is one of the areas of expertise of SOGEA MAROC. They are produced in Sidi Bouknadel (SBK) plant in Rabat.

Over 60,000 tons of concrete pipe and 2,000 tons of steel components produced annually

Since 1931, the SBK factory of SOGEA MAROC produces concrete pipes to be used mainly in sanitation, drinking water and irrigation. We design prestressed concrete pipes, reinforced concrete, irrigation canals, Concrete Cylinder Pipe (ATS) and jacking pipes. Our plant produces more than 60,000 tons of pipes per year. We ensure efficient production thanks to a number of automatic machines.

In our SBK factory, we produce also all fittings made of steel with two complete metal fabrication shops and a qualified and skilled team to meet the needs and demands of our customers.

An Expertise in installing concrete pipes thanks to the SBK plant

We develop an expertise in a wide variety of business areas through our plant. We install concrete pipes dedicated to water intake from lakes or dams. We also install sanitation pipes and equipment to harvest and transfer rainwater, wastewater or industrial waste to wastewater treatment plants.

The SBK plant allows us to provide you with equipment for the maintenance of your pumping, treatment and purification plants.