Our HR Policy

We value our talents

At SOGEA MAROC, the vision of success is global and is not limited to economic aspects. In order to achieve overall performance, we are committed to an approach led by our Group, through the Vinci manifesto, to create long-term value, mainly for our employees.

We are deeply convinced that “our best ambassadors are our employees”. Based on this principle, we work to develop internal motivation so that our talents are proud to belong to SOGEA MAROC. This approach also promotes the attractiveness of our company and facilitates the integration of new talent. As a responsible employer, we have initiated an appropriate corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy.

In this spirit, and through our HR policy, SOGEA MAROC’s strategy is to be a company where conditions are optimized for the development of all employees. At SOGEA MAROC, working takes several dimensions that have been set up as priorities:

With us, working in safety is fundamental

The health and safety of our employees is a major issue in our strategy and our human resources policy and at the heart of our activities. Because we have a ``zero accidents`` objective, we are committed to an Occupational Health and Safety approach deeply rooted in our culture in order to provide a healthy and safe work environment.

With us, working with respect for ethics, human rights and the environment is structural

Through several reference guides such as the Vinci Manifesto, the Ethics and Behavior Charter, the human rights guide, the anti-corruption code of conduct and the environmental framework, etc., our daily work is carried out transparently, in respect of human rights. We are also taking care to reduce our environmental impact during the execution of our projects.

With us, working with respect for diversity and equal opportunities is challenging

SOGEA MAROC relies on the diversity and mixed teams. We fight against all forms of discrimination between our talents, whether in terms of origin, gender, disability ... We advocate equal opportunities, particularly in terms of access to employment, training, compensation. For us, diversity is a real performance lever.

With us, having sustainable career paths is vital

Developing the skills of our human capital is one of our main priorities. Indeed, career paths targeted by profession aim to specialize our teams, strengthen their skills in their area of expertise and develop their network.
Our HR policy attaches particular importance to two essential events, namely: the annual interview and the ``people review``. These interviews are essential tools for dialogue on the professional career of each employee.

With us, sharing the fruits of the performance of our company is just normal

Working at SOGEA MAROC means for us that each employee can benefit from the fruits of the performance achieved each year. Through suitable mechanisms for sharing profiles, each employee becomes a shareholder within the Vinci Group. Individually, everyone's performance is also highlighted through concrete recognition of the work done.