A leader in the construction industry

A key player in the Moroccan construction industry, SOGEA MAROC is a leading company operating in Hydraulic engineering, Civil Engineering structures, Industrial Civil engineering and Building

Since its creation in 1931, our company has become a leader in irrigation works as well as drinking water supply and sanitation, thanks to our core hydraulic activity and the expertise provided by our SBK plant. Carrying out major structural projects, such as drinking water and wastewater treatment plants in almost all Moroccan cities, has gradually reinforced our role as a major player in Morocco.

In order to support the development of Morocco, our company has revitalized its activity in 1997 by expanding its business areas to other fields particularly: CIVIL engineering structures.

Viaducts of Office National du Chemin de Fer (ONCF) connecting to Tanger Med, as well as the Marina of Rabat are among the major projects carried out by SOGEA MAROC for national operators. Followed by industrial civil engineering activity, initiated in 2001 through constructing Lafarge cement plant in Tetouan. Since then, we have constructed almost 90% of cement plants in Morocco, and built up recognized expertise in plants construction, fertilizer storage halls and wind farms.

Driven by this dynamic of diversification, our company has expanded its business offer with Building business such the Renault Plant in Tangier, the rehabilitation of the historical building of Société Générale Maroc in Casablanca and Tétouan Shore… We are constructing new buildings or rehabilitating several others in Morocco in order to meet the fast-growing industry’s needs.

Today, our multiskilling in these four major trades (Hydraulic engineering, Civil Engineering structures, Industrial Civil engineering and Building) in the construction industry is a key advantage for our customers.

In addition, SOGEA MAROC has an internal technical engineering department, consisting of several experts and engineers. The development department is structured into three divisions: technical engineering, cost estimation, and methodology. Thanks to our specific organization and synergy between the subsidiaries of Vinci Group in Morocco, we carry out different construction projects (from design to delivery).

SOGEA MAROC has also been engaged in a dynamic of continuous improvement. Our company promotes research and innovation and includes digital alternatives in carrying out new construction or renovation works. Our performance is strengthened by honoring our commitments regarding quality, safety, environment and social responsibility, in line with our different certifications: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and the CSR label awarded by the CGEM.

Key Figures

Founded in: 1922

Workforce: 2100 employees

4 business lines

approximately MAD 900m, over the last 5 years

1 technical engineering department, employing 50 engineer and technicians

1 fleet of equipment with more than 450 strategic equipment

1 SBK plant producing annually 13 000 tons of concrete and 800 tons of Steel