Borj Attijari, a new challenge

Kick off of the project “Borj Attijari” tower in the financial city area of ​​Casablanca. SOGEA Maroc was entrusted with the construction of the structural work.

This project consists of :

  • an IGH (high-rise building) office tower with 25 floors and 4 basements;
  • 2 office buildings and 2 residential buildings;
  • 99,000m² of total area.

To go further :

? this project aims for a LEED Gold level certification for the offices and the tower as well as an International HQE level Excellent certification for the housing units;

? the core of the tower will be self-climbing. This system will make it possible to make the core in reinforced concrete on all its levels;

?️ 6 cranes will be deployed on the site, including 2 with luffing jibs to meet the complex construction challenge of the site and the constraints of the site.