A benchmark player in the construction of engineering structures, SOGEA MAROC incorporated its expertise in the development of the Bouregreg valley in Rabat. The company was appointed to construct the viaduct access to Hassan II Bridge. Through combining technical innovations, specific security measures and quality of service, it has built this “turnkey” project.


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Chief Operating Officer in charge of Industrial Civil Engineering and Civil Engineering structures.

BERRADA Nourdine, Chief Operating Officer in charge of civil engineering and engineering structures. 30 year work experience at SOGEA MAROC.

Techniques innovantes

SOGEA MAROC was appointed to construct the part of the bridge connecting the valley with the city of Salé, including the access ramps. It has therefore put in place innovative techniques to deliver a “turnkey” reference work, while implementing specific safety and quality measures, which are priority for the SOGEA MOROCCO

Given the high rates of work, it required dedicated teams organized according to the phasing, because unlike conventional construction of most bridges in Morocco, we used prefabrication components bridge not only for beams but also poles which hold the viaduct. This particular construction method required a rigorous control of the setting and wedging of different elements as well as a careful checking during temporary stabilization stage in order to ensure perfect wedging, despite a very dense steel framework.

In addition, to adapt to the original shape designed by the architect, the bridge bearings devices were placed at the bottom of the pole and not between the deck and the holder as we do normally. This innovative technique was a first in Morocco and therefore required a specific study for its implementation. The beams are of a remarkable finesse, they take the shape of fins by perfectly connecting the spans.

Special concrete

In addition, it was also necessary to design a specific concrete known as “HPC” or High Performance Concrete, which has exceptional mechanical qualities, namely very high resistance, and an aesthetic aspect, in particular due to its white color. SOGEA MAROC had to do several tests before finding the ideal dosage that will allow the concrete to remain at its raw state, without any additional coating.

A very desirable structure that relied on innovative techniques by making it the first high-performance concrete structure in light tint in Morocco that fits in perfectly with the surrounding landscape. It then definitively became an outstanding reference of the valley.